These first two mini series of  glass skate decks revolve around the idea of things and sub-cultures losing their purity and how things that were once pure have kind of become endangered in a way. 

                                                                                                        'USED TA BE PRETTY'   SERIES

                                                                                             glass and aerosol







                                'ENDANGERED DUDE'  SERIES

                                   glass and aerosol







                                                                               Mr. Stevie Wonder 

                                                                                          Mr. Otis Redding

                                                              Mr. Wilson Pickett

                                            Mr. Lee Fields

                                                                                the pieces above are from a solo show I did called 'Soul Calligrafigures'                                                          you canwatch the video here


                                      Unknown Man

Lionel Richie

Willie Colon

        Ricky Schroeder

  Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

                                   uninstructional painting video

learn to paint this painting in just minutes by clicking here


you can watch the time lapse video for this by clicking here

commission for MMA dojo

commission for Dragon Kings Daughter restaurant

Hilltop Tavern & Art Parlor


        'He Think He Ill'  glass, aerosol, cut wood   2010

'Tragic Survival'   glass piece mounted on aerosol on cut wood   2011